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Walk In Tub Prices

By now you’ve seen the commercials from names like Premier Bath, Premier Care, Safety Tub, Safe Step, American Standard, Kohler and from retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s advertising their walk in bathtubs. They advertise walk in bathtub prices from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. With our walk in tub price guarantee [...]

Walk In Bathtub Installation

While walk in tubs are designed for easy installation sometimes the size of your bathroom or type of plumbing you have makes it difficult to install the walk tub yourself. That is why Safety Bathtubs Group installs the walk in bathtub for you. The first thing our team does is an inspection of your plumbing. [...]

How To Choose A Walk In Bathtub

When choosing a walk in bathtub there a many things you should consider, such as your budget, the size of the walk tub, the make of the walk tub or even the type of door you want. For instance, while the type of door on the walk in bathtub model that you choose doesn’t make [...]